Bank BTN

Bank BTN, Indonesia's leading state-owned bank open opportunities for those of you who have a passion to excel, friendly, honest, tenacious, thorough and innovative, attractive and able to communicate well to fill the following positions:

In order to improve customer service to new and expanding business unit of Bank BTN,
We invite you to fill some vacancies as follows:

  1. Teller Service (TL);
  2. Customer Service Officer (CSO);
  3. Business Process Staff (BPS);
Administrative Requirements:
  1. CSO: Women, unmarried, age maximum 25 years (as of March 29, 2010); Min D3, GPA min.2.75 (4:00 scale);
  2. TL: Women, unmarried, age maximum 25 years (as of March 29, 2010); Senior secondary education (average score diploma 7:00) sd D3 (for Diploma GPA min. 2.75);
  3. BPS: prioritized male, unmarried, age maximum 25 years (as of March 29, 2010); : Min D3, GPA min.3.00 (4:00 scale);
  4. Mastering Mandarin or other Chinese dialect diversity is a better value
Completeness Applications:
  1. Application and a resume that was signed
  2. Copies of diplomas and transcripts list already legalized
  3. A copy of family card, birth certificate, ID card and identity card is still valid
  4. Color photographs uk. 4x6 (2 pieces) and a color photo of the entire body uk. Latest 4R (1 sheet)
  5. Health certificate data Height & Weight Loss from a doctor / clinic / hospital / health center.
  6. Stamped affidavit USD 6000, - which states:
  • Not married and would not marry for 2 [two] years
  • Willing to be placed in all work units throughout Indonesia Bank BTN
  • Not have a family relationship (father / mother / son / brother / sister / brother parents / sister parents / nephew / brother in law) with the employees of Bank BTN

Submission of complete application files directly to the (not assignable):
  1. Pusdiklat Bank BTN, Jl KH Mas Mansyur No. 86, Tanah Abang Jakarta Pusat (for placement : Jakarta and surroundings);
  2. Bank BTN Branch Banjarmasin Jl RE Martadinata No.4 Banjarmasin (for placement : Banjarmasin and surroundings);
  3. Bank BTN Branch Bandar Lampung Jl Wolter Monginsidi No. 80-88 Bandar Lampung (for placement : Bandar Lampung and surrounding areas);
  4. Bank BTN Surabaya Branch Jl Pemuda No. 50 (for placement :Surabaya and surrounding areas);
  5. Bank BTN Bangkalan Branch No.16 Jl Teuku Umar Bangkalan (for placement : Madura and surrounding areas);
Acceptance of the file began on Monday, March 29, 2010 until thursday, 01 April 2010.

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