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Decentralization Project Associate
The World Bank in Jakarta, through the multi-donor Decentralization Support Facility (DSF) that it administers, wishes to employ a Decentralization Project Associate to assist with the implementation of DSF activities (both Recipient-executed and Bankexecuted). The Decentralization Project Associate will support DSF-financed activities falling within the broad areas of public service delivery, fiscal decentralization, governance reform, and planning and performance measurement.

Job Title : Decentralization Project Associate (STC)
Reporting to : Deputy Program Manager
Dept/Div : EASIS, DSF
Appt Type : STC
Closing date : April 6, 2010
Location : Jakarta, Indonesia
Appointment : Local Hire
Decentralization Support Facility
Terms of Reference

Decentralization in Indonesia: With a view to creating a broad-based democratic framework for national governance and improving basic service delivery to citizens, in 1999 the Government of Indonesia (GOI) launched a major program of government decentralization. Rapid acceleration of the program commenced in 2001 with sweeping legislative and administrative changes affecting the organization, financing, and functioning of all levels of government, and creating an enabling environment for the rapid socio-economic development of all geographical regions.

Since then, the GOI has been working hard to establish checks and balances among newly-created institutions, and to introduce greater responsiveness and accountability in public service delivery.

Aid effectiveness: In the light of the Paris Declaration of 2005 and the country’s development circumstances, the GOI is keen to manage its interactions with the international development community in a way that optimizes development benefits for citizens. The Government’s position on these matters is set out in ‘The Jakarta Commitment’ (August, 2008). Within the field of decentralization, the DSF is seen as an important manifestation and exemplar of government’s intentions.

Decentralization Support Facility
The DSF is a government-led multi-donor trust fund whose principal purpose is to support the decentralization agenda of the GOI, particularly as this pertains to improved service delivery for citizens.

Within the field of decentralization, the DSF attempts to satisfy its purpose by fulfilling three principal roles, which are designed to help the GOI to:

  • Improve the harmonisation, alignment, and effectiveness of development assistance;
  • Inform and thereby improve policy development and implementation; and
  • Build governance capacity, particularly at sub-national levels
The strategic management of DSF is exercised through a committee structure comprising senior representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the National Development Planning Agency, and nine international development partners. The day-to-day operations of the DSF are managed by the World Bank (WB).

Activities of the DSF are aligned with the decentralisation development objectives of the GOI and with the development priorities set from time to time by the DSF’s Steering Committee.

At present, the DSF work program consists primarily, first, in project financing, procurement and management; and second, certain aspects of knowledge management. Project support, which is at various stages of implementation and procurement and requires the attention of the Project Associate, falls into four categories determined by the DSF steering committee as follows:
    Public service delivery, encompassing support to: assessing reform options forfunctional assignments; the establishment of minimum service delivery standards; improved definition of service functions; costing and piloting of minimum service standards; identification of alternative service delivery mechanisms; strengtheninglocal regulations governing service delivery and central government review thereof; establishing a data base of local regulations for service delivery; identification and replication of best practices in service delivery; business licensing one-stop shops; and improved service delivery in border regions. Intergovernmental and sub-national finance, including support to: intergovernmental transfers and intercepts; debt restructuring; regulatory aspects of bond issuance; fiscal insolvency; regional financial information systems; the evaluation of transfers to sub-national governments; and the development of an overall policy and implementation framework (‘grand design’) for fiscal decentralization. Legislative and executive capacity building, among others, this involves supportto: local government education and training centers; the provision of specialized training on decentralization to local government officials; and training and development for provincial legislative council representatives. Development planning and local economic development, here support is (or hasbeen) provided to: district level planning and budgeting; the development of laws and regulations on sub-national statistics; intergovernmental and spatial planning; natural resource management; regional development planning; border area developmentplanning; and local government performance evaluation.

The main responsibilities of the position will be to:
  • Liaise with government officials and other stakeholders
  • Develop relevant project documentation
  • Attend and report on important meetings and workshops
  • Negotiate important aspects of project implementation and delivery
  • Write monitoring and evaluation reports on key DSF activities
  • Contribute to DSF quarterly and annual reports
  • Conduct literature reviews or short-term research assignments related to
    DSF activities as requested
Location and Term of Appointment

The Decentralization Project Officer will be located at the DSF offices in the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Tower 1, Jakarta 12190. The term of appointment will be for 150 days. The appointee will be provided with office space, a computer, internet connection, and a WB lotus notes account.

Person Specifications
Applicants should possess:
  • A Master degree or Bachelor degree with 2 or more years of relevant experience
  • The ability and willingness to liaise with senior government officials, NGOs, research institutes, and the general public
  • Some knowledge and experience of project management
  • The ability to research the literature and to distill from it issues that are of relevance to the work of the DSF Executive
  • Experience of dealing with qualitative and quantitative research information for monitoring and evaluation
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • Willingness and ability to work in a supporting role with professional staff of the DSF Executive; to work under supervision or direction; but also to take initiative when the circumstances warrant it
  • Excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills Reporting and Authority
The Decentralization Project Associate will report to the Deputy Program Manager of the DSF through respective portfolio managers/line staff. The position will enjoy delegated authority commensurate with the levels of responsibility outlined above.

  • This is a local hired position, open for Indonesian nationals only.
  • Please only submit your cover letter, CV, and references (at least three names with full contact details) to:
  • Do not forget to state your name and position applied in the e-mail subject.
  • Deadline of application is 6 April 2010. Late submission will not be considered; hard copy applications and phone inquiries will not be accepted

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