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LotteMART is one of the great leader of retail industry in the world and has been operating in China, Russia, Vietnam and now Indonesia. Lotte Group as the parent of LotteMART will make a big expansion in Indonesia. Beginning with the purchase of Pusat Perkulakan MACRO shares, now LotteMART will open several hypermarkets outlets in Jakarta and surrounding areas. To that end, we invite you to join us, up the brilliant career and become the best retail business section in Indonesia:

We proudly invite you to join us, a world class company with business expansion in many countries, and has now expanded its business in Indonesia. Human Resource Management Through comprehensive in our company, you will enjoy a challenging career with us as well as developing long.

Please You can take the time to read the complete all existing information and referral before starting to fill "Online Application Form" which we provide. Beg you to remember "Job Code" from the position you are applying. We hope you can join us and grow and grow with us.

We will treat all applications are entered as a confidential document, which our Recruitment team only allowed to come into contact with the document. Only qualified candidates who will we call for the next stage of the recruitment process.

  1. Store General Manager
  2. Division Manager (Support, Fresh / Dry / Non Food)
  3. Department Head / Sales Manager
  4. Team Leader / Supervisor
  5. Staff
Pos 3, 4, 5 : (IT Administration & Logistics, Customer Service, Human Resources, Finance, Cashier, Good Receivings and Warehouse, Facility & Engineering, Fresh Food Fruit & Vegetables, Fresh Food Meat & Fish, Dry Food, Non Food)

Particular requirements (not applicable to the level of staff):
  • Candidates must be experienced in the field of spoken for at least 3 years.
  • Candidates must truly master technical issues in accordance areas spoken
  • Candidates who come from outside the retail industry are also welcome to apply for the position in accordance with the appropriate experience.
General requirements:
  • Have a Bachelor degree (S1) to the position of Department Head / Sales Manager upwards, from accredited University A, with a minimum GPA of 2.75. Preferably has a Master's degree / Master (S2)
  • For Staff positions, preferably at least 1 year experience at the position spoken for
  • Understand how to use computers, including using Microsoft Office programs, like Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, etc..
  • Can speak English well, written and oral preferred
  • Able to manage a good cooperation with third parties such as suppliers, business colleagues, and other partners, through effective communication both orally and in writing.
  • Intelligent, able to work in teams, hardworking, and reliable.
  • Willing and want to share the knowledge / expertise with colleagues.
  • Have the ability to deepen customer needs, understand the business processes based on information received under the applicable regulations, and can serve customers with the wise and tactically, in accordance with prevailing regulations.
  • Willing to work in shifts and weekends
How to apply:
  • Prepare digital files your recent color photograph (JPG format) before completing our application Application Form.
  • Please click "Online Application Form" at the bottom of this page to apply for, fill in all fields, especially fields with asterisks.
  • Please fill out the form with a complete application. The completed form and apply through the website is our primary consideration as a candidate to make your choice
  • Please click "submit" after you believe you have filled in all applications with correct
  • After you click "submit," please upload your recent color photograph, the maximum file size is 200 KB in JPG format. That exceeds the size of image files will not be able to upload to the web at our career
  • Then, you will be asked to fill in the blank field with a security code (security code), after your content, please click the "process" to continue.
  • After you click "process," you will see Lotte standard application documents are ready for printing.
  • Please click "File" then "Print" on left side of the browser (the software you use to view the website) you.
  • You'll have the results printed documents Lotte Standard application.
  • If you do not upload photos, please paste the latest photograph and color, size 3x4, which is available on the box to the left of the first page of the application documents Lotte Standard.
  • Please enter the proposal documents in an envelope, write the 4 letter code of position you are applying on the top left front side of the envelope to your application.
  • 12. Please do not send a photo copy of certificate, diploma, transcripts, and more. Only submit the application documents Lotte Standard that has been equipped with your most recent passport photo.
  • Please send your documents in a sealed envelope before 12 April 2010 to:

    Human Resources Management
    Recruitment Team
    PT. Lotte Mart Indonesia
    P.O. Box 3145, JKP 10031st
  • Please send your application in accordance with instructions no. 10 and do not forget to write down the 4 letter code Position (Job Code) to the left of the application envelope. We are not accepting applications via email
  • We also send the contents of the form that you have via email for your convenience to print a job application.
Online Application : Lowongan LotteMART

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