Microturbine Cogeneration Technology

Microturbine Cogeneration Technology (MCT) is the best alternative choice to restrain the growth of energy sources with GHG emissions lower than the combustion engine (combustion engine), which when used locations that require power generators and heat energy. Very ideal, especially in areas where gas resources are abundant and easy to obtain because there is a network system service natural gas (LNG). MCT system is very easy to operate and easy to maintain, in addition MCT can also be operated using biogas fuel and other liquid fuels.

Currently, there are several obstacles that hinder the development of alternative application of clean energy technologies in general, and especially the MCT in Indonesia. The project is designed to remove barriers key market, policy, technical and financial case for the development and application of MCT in Indonesia to reduce the direct financing of this technology is still somewhat too high in the sector.

Capacity Building (Technical) Consultant (Indonesian)

  1. Asses and compile the technical data, based on the usage of Microturbine Cogeneration at the site plant and generate the compilation to be a market sound.
  2. Design of the aforementioned effective communication, information disseminations and capacity development based on technical information.
  3. Design several model on application of Microturbine Cogeneration based on industrial sector, those are : manufacture, commercial building, oil and gas, and biogas.
  4. Design a technical approach to market on accepting microturbine cogeneration as a solution of electricity, cooling and heating needs.
  5. Inventory of experiences and possibilities for wider promotion and adoption.
  6. Design a model of Microturbine co-generation technology application. Deliver market approach on technology of Microturbine cogeneration and its relation on environment issues.
Qualification and Previous Experience
  1. A Bachelor degree (S1) in engineering preferably in electrical and mechanical.
  2. Experience on the responsibility of electrical or mechanical engineering at manufacture or commercial sector.
  3. Experience with design and execution of seminar, promotion, technical training and capacity building programs.
  4. Experience with the design & production of training materials suitable for a range of post-secondary users.
  5. Understanding and/or experience with co-generation technologies or energy efficiency in general.
  6. Excellent communication and facilitation skills.
Administrative Assistant (Indonesian)
Within guidelines and limits of authority established by the policies of the project organizational structure and the Project Operations Manual, the Administrative Associate shall be responsible for providing administrative supervision to the project, supervising administrative staff and ensuring the smooth functioning of administrative systems under the project.


  1. Establish administrative systems and procedures consistent with UNDP’s national execution mode, in the form of a Manual, for the guidance of project staff, consultants and subcontractors.
  2. Maintain an active file of all personnel, consultants and subcontractors under the project.
  3. Prepare and consolidate the travel plan, and procurement plan for the project.
  4. Supervise the procurement requirements of the project, in accordance with UNDP guidelines;
  5. Maintain an updated inventory of all supplies and equipment and prepare guidelines for the proper use and maintenance of office equipment and properties.
  6. Make arrangements for the logistical requirements in training, workshops, and other
  7. Project activities.
  8. Organize Event of Seminar, workshop, and Conference.
  9. Provide overall supervision to the administrative support staff, assistance to project staff, consultants and others in their overall administrative requirements.
Qualifications and Experience:
  1. A Diploma Degree- D3 or a Bachelor Degree –S1 (preferable) with background in social science, secretary or business administration.
  2. A minimum of three years experience in related tasks.
  3. Working knowledge of integrated and/or specific accounting applications. (e.g. general ledger, accounts payable, financial reporting, etc.
  4. Expert in using Project Management tools such Microsoft Project or Primavera.
  5. Able to work in a team atmosphere.
  6. Good interpersonal communication skill.
  7. Good command of oral and written Bahasa Indonesia and English.
  8. Indonesian nationality.
Finance Assistant (Indonesian)
Responsible for the accuracy and appropriateness of disbursements; maintaining the set of books required according to UNDP accounting procedures, classifying and summarizing financial transactions of the project and the generation of required financial reports. Also responsible for ensuring that the other books of accounts such as subsidiary ledgers and special registers are kept up-to-date.

Responsibilities :

  1. Installs and implements the project’s financial systems and procedures, in accordance with UNDP’s existing guidelines on national execution.
  2. Orients Project staff on the use of the project’s financial systems and procedures.
  3. Supervise the proper recording of financial transactions and submit a regular report on the project’s financial status.
  4. Certifies the correctness of journals, vouchers, bills, statement of accounts, trial balance, budget estimates and other financial statement and records.
  5. Signs certification of the availability of funds and or allotment of expenses, vouchers and requisition for supplies, materials, etc.
  6. Consolidate and prepare annual and quarterly budgets and work plans, including the necessary budget revisions.
  7. Establish a project account and ensure appropriateness and proper record keeping of transactions.
  8. Supervise the preparation of payroll and general voucher of salaries, and other documentary requirements for disbursements.
  9. Prepare updated reports on disbursements made by the project, and advise the Project Team on the overall financial status of the project.
Qualifications and Experience :
  1. A Diploma Degree - D3 or a Bachelor Degree –S1 (preferable) with background in Finance, Accounting, business administration or professional experience in similar fields.
  2. A minimum of three years experience in performing general accounting, financial monitoring and reporting and other related accounting tasks in a non-profit organization or donor institutions.
  3. Knowledge of integrated and/or specific accounting applications. (e.g. general ledger, accounts payable, financial reporting, etc.).
  4. Familiarity with Electronic Resource Program or accounting software such as PeopleSoft or PeachTree or SunSystem is preferred.
  5. Updated knowledge on, various international projects on turbine development and applications, with experience in Indonesia being an asset.
  6. Able to work in a team atmosphere.
  7. Good interpersonal communication skill.
  8. Good command of oral and written Bahasa Indonesia and English.
  9. Indonesian nationality.
Send your application letter and CV with recent photo (no more than 300 KB) to :

or mail to :
Kawasan Puspitek #620
Serpong - Tangerang, 15314
Closing date :April 12th, 2010

Only short listed candidate will be interviewed

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